Action cameras are fantastic companions for capturing thrilling adventures and adrenaline-pumping moments. However, their built-in microphones often struggle to keep pace with the action, resulting in muffled or wind-blown audio.

Here's where action camera microphone attachments come in – powerful tools to elevate your audio quality and ensure your videos capture the full story.

Why Use an Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

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Built-in microphones on action cameras are typically small and prioritize portability over audio fidelity. This can be problematic in various situations:

Wind Noise:

Action cameras are often used outdoors, where wind noise wreaks havoc on audio quality.

Limited Range:

Built-in mics struggle to pick up sound from a distance, making voices and ambient sounds faint.

Background Noise:

In crowded environments, background noise can easily overpower the subject's voice.

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Microphone Attachment Benefits:

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Enhanced Audio Clarity:

Many external mics come with windjammers or furry covers, significantly reducing wind interference.

Directional Audio:

Certain mics offer directional pickup patterns, focusing on the subject's voice and minimizing unwanted background noise.

Increased Audio Range:

External mics can pick up sound from a greater distance, ensuring clear audio even when you're further from the action.

Choosing the Right Action Camera Microphone Attachment:

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With a variety of microphone attachments available, here are some key factors to consider:


Ensure the microphone is compatible with your specific action camera model. Most attach via a 3.5mm jack or USB port.

Form Factor:

Compact and lightweight mics are ideal for maintaining portability. Consider lavalier mics for discreet audio capture or shotgun mics for more focused recording.


Look for features like windjammers, directional pickup patterns, and built-in batteries for extended recording sessions.

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Popular Types of Action Camera Microphone Attachments:

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Shotgun Mics:

These directional mics excel at capturing clear audio from a distance, ideal for interviews or vlogging.

Lavalier Mics:

Small and discreet, lavalier mics clip onto your clothing and provide excellent audio quality for close-up recording.

Wireless Microphones:

Offer more freedom of movement compared to wired options, but ensure compatibility with your camera.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Microphone Techniques

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Once you've equipped your action camera with a microphone attachment, explore these techniques for capturing professional-sounding audio:

Position the Microphone Properly:

Place the microphone close to the sound source (ideally within a foot or two) for optimal audio quality.

Utilize Windjammers:

When using your camera outdoors, a windjammer significantly reduces wind noise and ensures clear audio.

Monitor Audio Levels:

Keep an eye on audio levels during recording to avoid distortion. Most microphones allow for on-the-go adjustments.

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Investing in an action camera microphone attachment is a game-changer for capturing high-quality audio. With a wider range, improved clarity, and reduced wind noise, your action videos will boast a professional polish and truly immerse viewers in your adventures.

So, unleash your creativity, explore the world, and capture the sights and sounds with confidence, knowing your audio will match the thrill of the moment.

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